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Tornado Safety Tips For Texas

Tornado Safety Tips For Texas

If you are a resident of Texas, you are no stranger to the term “Tornado Alley” and the dangers of tornadoes. The rotating and menacing columns of air are born out of severe thunderstorms or hurricanes and can reach a speed of 300 miles per hour or more.

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In the U.S. anywhere between 800 and 1,000 tornadoes are reported every year, while on an average, 132 tornadoes occur in Texas. The economic impact of tornadoes runs into billions each year with about 40 percent of losses covered by business insurance being accounted for by twisters. Apart from the damage to buildings, structure and valuable personal belongings, tornadoes also cause serious injuries and fatalities.

Tips to stay safe during a Tornado outbreak

Here are some of the safety tips that you can follow to protect your family and yourself from the Tornado’s fury:

  • Know the difference between a Tornado Warning and Tornado Watch. A Tornado Watch indicates that the conditions are favorable towards Tornado formation and is intended to alert people to pay close attention to the weather. A Tornado Warning is given out when a tornado has been spotted, which means you need to take safety precautions immediately.
  • Get to the lowest floor (storm room or basement) in your home or an interior room such as a closet or bathroom.
  • Use cushions, pillows, or a mattress to cover yourself.
  • If you are in an office building, get to the lowest floor or a room without windows.
  • If you're in a trailer or mobile home, take shelter in a building that is closest. If there are no buildings nearby, lie down flat in a ravine or ditch.
  • If you are driving, stop your car and get out. Lie down flat in a ravine or a ditch if you cannot get to a building nearby.
  • If in a shopping center, get to the lowest floor and hide in a room and stay away from glass or breakables.
  • If out in the open, get to a low lying area away from trees.
  • If you live in Tornado alley, it is good to conduct Tornado drills and keep some emergency supplies of water, medicine, and food stocked in the basement, storm room, or an interior space designated as a shelter. Keep a flashlight ready and download weather apps or buy a storm radio. Wear protective clothing such as sturdy shoes, long sleeve shirt, pants, and a helmet if possible.

Protect yourself with a homeowners insurance that covers Tornadoes and consult an insurance broker for the same. Homeowners insurance covers damage from wind and hail, although you may have to buy a separate flood insurance policy.

Homeowners insurance policy also covers living expenses, which may not fall under the scope of a life insurance policy, in case you need to live in a hotel because of extensive damage to your house from a tornado.  The policy also helps you bear the cost of replacement or repair of your personal belongings, detached garages, or other external structures.

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