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Is your Business Ready For Disaster? 

In May 2015, Dallas based businesses saw tremendous damage and destruction caused by heavy rain and floodwaters during one of the wettest months on record. Yet according to a recent article in The Post and Courier;

The government estimates that 40 percent of companies that haven't prepared themselves to be able to operate after a disaster are forced to shut down. And 25 percent of businesses fail within two years because of inadequate post-disaster revenue or cash flow.

So why do business owners fall short of having adequate insurance?

Let’s take a quick look

  • Many rely too much on insurance agents who may not have a thorough understanding of the coverage they're selling. 
  • Owners are buying it as if it's a commodity product instead of understanding it needs to be customized to their particular situation.
  • They may be tying to keep cost’s down and don’t think about the ‘What - if’s’. 

Is flood coverage included in a business insurance policy?

No. Commercial Package Policy (CPP) or a Business Owners Policy (BOP) covers fire, rain, wind and vandalism. But they don't cover damage from floods or earthquakes, which can be serious threats in many parts of the country, especially Texas. 

How do I know if my business is at risk? 

Location is the most important factor for weighing your risk for flood damage. Is your business located in or near a flood zone? In what part of the building is your businesses equipment and inventory located? Anything housed on a lower floor, for instance, will be at greater risk. 

What does flood insurance cover?

Flood insurance covers damage to your building and contents caused by flood. This includes losses resulting from water overflowing rivers or streams, heavy or prolonged rain, storm surge, snow melt, blocked storm drainage systems, broken dams or levees, or other similar causes. To be considered a flood, waters must cover at least two acres or affect two properties. Generally if water comes from above—for instance from rain or melting snow overflowing gutters and leaking onto your inventory—you’ll be covered by your standard commercial property insurance.

What isn’t covered by flood insurance?

Property outside your building generally will not be covered. For instance, landscaping and septic systems will not be covered. In addition, flood insurance will not cover damage to your business vehicles, but this can be included in the optional “comprehensive” portion of your business vehicle insurance. Financial losses caused by business interruption or loss of use of insured property are also not covered.

How long does it take to get flood coverage?

Typically, there’s a 30-day waiting period from date of purchase before your policy goes into effect.

Can I purchase flood insurance from you today? 

Yes. In most cases we'll have your flood insurance quote ready for you the very same day. 

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