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Spring Cleaning Tips to Avoid Home Insurance Claims

Spring Cleaning Tips to Avoid Home Insurance Claims

Spring is beautiful in Texas, however, it also brings with it specific hazards that can very easily rake up your housing insurance claims. Before spring sets in, it is important to conduct a few spring cleaning checks to ensure you never need to contact your Dallas insurance agent for insurance about making a claim.

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Here are our top 8 cleaning recommendations for Spring 2019

  • Clean out the roof, downspouts & gutters

Clogged gutters and downspouts can lead to water running back into the house and inundating the walls. A debris-filled roof is most-vulnerable to tile breakage. Your house can be severely damaged if you don’t get your roof tiles, gutters and downspouts cleaned in time for spring. Make roof maintenance a priority this spring.


  • Replace the batteries on time

Spring and summer are barbeque seasons. If your smoke detectors aren’t in working condition, you may be unable to detect unusual levels of smoke in the air. This can be a huge danger to you and your family. The case is the same with malfunctioning carbon monoxide detectors. Replace the detector batteries on time to keep them in working order.


  • Clean out the dryers to avoid accidental fires

Short fiber materials like cotton and linen, which are springtime favorites, tend to produce a lot of lint and dryer lint is a flammable material. As you continue to use the dryer, the lint warms up and become vulnerable to catching on fire. It is imperative that you have your dryer cleaned, in order to avoid accidental fires. 


  • Have your HVAC system inspected and repaired

Your HVAC system keeps your house well-aired, at the right temperature and free from mold. It also ensures that your house runs on less energy. Timely inspections and repairs can prevent the need for a massive HVAC overhaul, which can be very expensive.


  • Contact landscapers to work on your yard

Spring is the season of growth, and your trees and plants may experience a surge of growth during this time. Unruly branches can easily affect the power lines around your house and break them, which can result in power outages. You may also make yourself vulnerable to electric shocks. Have your trees and plants pruned in time for spring and keep your family safe.


  • Seal cracks in your house’s foundation

Cracks in your house’s foundation can become home to various insects and animals who may lay eggs or have babies there during the spring. They can be very difficult to get rid of, and this can become a highly-stressful experience for you. Have a risk manager or an independent insurance agency come and evaluate your home and its foundation and then have the cracks sealed by professionals.


  • Identify and remove tripping hazards

A raised nail, a partially-broken tile, a wobbly stair or a deep crack on the deck can easily result in your tripping, falling and hurting yourself, sometimes terribly. It is best to have them repaired at the earliest to avoid any life threating problems.


  • Review your existing insurance in advance to ensure you have the best coverage

Finally, review your current homeowner's insurance , life insurance, auto insurance, and business insurance policies to understand whether you have the right coverage or not. If you're making any changes to your property or your automobiles during spring cleaning season, it is essential to have the proper affordable coverage.


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