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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Foundation Crack?

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This simple guide will discuss questions about homeowners' insurance policy coverage regarding foundation damage.

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What Is Homeowners Insurance? 

Homeowners insurance protects your home and personal property against significant damage. The damages may be caused by lightning, fire, a burglar, a windstorm, or yourself.

Basic Homeowners Insurance Coverage

The basic or standard insurance covers your home and its components when the damage has occurred. It covers if the damage is caused by lightning, wind, theft, or fire. We will mainly look at the insurance that covers foundation damage.

What Is Foundation Coverage Insurance? 

Foundation coverage is a type of protection included in the Homeowners' policy when damaging your foundation.

The possibility of foundation insurance is determined by the cause of the damage to the foundation.

Foundation damage can be caused by;

  • Water

  • Improper Construction 

  • Flood or Earthquakes 

  • Tree roots

  • Internal Flood or Leak

  • Windstorm

  • Lightning 

  • Damage caused by the heavyweight of snow

  • Fire

Are Cracks In The Foundation Covered By Homeowners Insurance? 

Cracks on your house's foundation may or may not be covered by the insurance. The deciding factor for the damage to get covered by the Insurer depends on what caused the crack. We have listed possible causes of crack. But not all causes are covered by the Insurance policy. Let's see different situations.

  • Water is the common cause of foundation crack. But two types of water can cause a crack: flooding and Internal leakage.

  • The homeowners' insurance policy does not cover natural disasters like earthquakes and flooding because flooding and earthquakes have separate insurance policies.

  • The insurance covers a crack caused by Internal leakage.

  • The insurance covers a foundation crack caused by a fallen tree. But if tree roots cause the crack, it will not be covered.

  • Windstorms, lightning, and fire are causes that are covered by the Insurance policy.

If you are moving to a new house, you should check the quality of the foundation because the insurance policy does not cover a foundation crack caused by improper construction.

What Factors Will Your Homeowner's Insurance Policy Cover When It Comes To Foundation Damage? 

The common factors that will be covered if the foundation damage is caused by;

  • Lightning or Fire

  • Leaking pipe

  • Fallen tree

  • Vehicles or Aircrafts

  • Windstorm 

  • Explosion 

When Your Homeowner's Insurance Policy Will Not Cover Foundation Damage 

Most of the time, the reasons for damage rejected by insurance companies are known. If you're not covered by insurance, repair any damage yourself. But you should always consult a foundation specialist first. Hiring a specialist will help you present evidence about the cause of the damage.

What To Do With Foundation Damage

First, try to understand what caused the damage. If you can't seem to track the cause, call a foundation specialist. The foundation specialist will tell you what caused it and how much damage will occur.

Once you know what caused it, check your homeowners' insurance policy.

After checking what's covered and what's not, you can fill out a claim depending on that.

In general, foundation damage can be caused by a natural disaster or manmade. If your location is prone to natural disasters, consider having separate insurance. 

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, always check the quality of construction beforehand.

Understand what is included in your homeowners' insurance policy first. You can avoid paying for the damage yourself by doing this.

Work With An Insurance Company to Have Peace Of Mind On Home Insurance

A home is the most important investment you will ever make. It should be protected with an insurance policy that meets your needs and covers all aspects of this valuable asset - from property to people! When shopping around, work closely with a homeowners insurance company that offers holistic coverage options.

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