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Apartment Building Insurance vs. Contents Insurance

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Individuals must ensure that they have security within their homes. It makes sense that they should do so because it helps them to ensure that their hard work does not go to waste. One can protect their property and contents by minimizing risk-taking behavior and practicing proper safety protocols. At the same one can do so by having risk transfer mechanisms such as insurance. The right insurance always makes a difference as it can help in times when you did everything right but still encountered a tragedy.

But the truth is that the field of insurance can become a bit tricky. There is an insurance coverage element for everything and anything. At least, that is what it seems like, right? You can take advantage of liability coverage, business personal property insurance, apartment complex insurance, apartment building coverage, apartment building property insurance, commercial auto insurance, and even general liability insurance.

You might wonder from liability claims to excess liability protection, what is necessary for you?

When it comes to those who live in apartment buildings, they will notice that there is apartment building insurance and contents insurance. Which one is right for you? Do you need contents insurance if there is some form of building insurance present within the property? Here is what you must know about apartment building insurance coverages and contents insurance.

What is Apartment Building Insurance and What Will it Cover?


As property owners, choosing the right property insurance is complicated as there is a need to protect not only your building but also the tenants. Incidents like fire outbreaks, floods, natural disasters like typhoons, and even lawsuits from tenants need to be covered. Selecting the perfect insurance plan to protect you and your building is a chore, but with the right insurance professionals, there is no need to worry. Here is what there is to know about apartment building insurance and contents insurance.

One of the popular insurance plan apartment owners swears by is apartment building insurance. This is a type of property insurance that offers protection to the building in case of any unfortunate incident. Good building insurance should not only cover unfortunate events but also lawsuits from distraught tenants.

These two components are quite certainly necessary in an era where one notices the issues present from a climate standpoint from a wear-tear standpoint and a general liability standpoint. It is no surprise that individuals state that we are living in an increasingly litigious environment. A prudent business owner will ensure that they have the right business property insurance and business insurance policies when it comes to their apartment property.

Depending on your level of finance, a good apartment building insurance should offer full-coverage protection for you and your apartment. The right agents create alternatives for apartment owners who cannot afford full coverage apartment insurance by offering basic coverage which only covers some damages. Good apartment building insurance offers full protection for your business and these protections include:

  • Protection from disastrous incidents such as fire, storm, wind, and floods.

  • Protection from property theft, destruction, and vandalism.

  • Protection of your tenants from injuries in your apartment

  • Protection of you and your apartment from lawsuits from your unsatisfied tenants or coworkers.

  • Emotional protection of you and your building from false information and slander

  • Protection of your building and already existing building components from loss and destruction

  • Protection of newly purchased or constructed building accessories

  • Protection of personal properties located in your building.


As you can see, this type of insurance deals more with the landlord, it is a type of landlord insurance as well as a type of business insurance for those who deal with property ownership. Indeed, there is some level of liability coverage present within this as well for those within the rental property business. It protects apartment owners from liability risks in many different ways.

You can talk to your independent agents at the Thumann Insurance Agency to learn more about how the insurance provider will provide coverage, the insurance coverage they have, if it deals with equipment breakdown, office space, and other elements such as the per building deductible or swimming pools and income coverage.

But how does this differentiate from contents insurance?

Contents Insurance and its coverage

As a tenant, homeowner or renter, there is always a need to have properties for home beautification and other important uses, but what protection do you have in case of any property loss due to a fire or a theft incident?

This is where contents insurance comes in.

Contents insurance which is also known as personal property insurance only offers protection to the properties residing in an apartment.

It offers protection to not only old properties but also newly purchased ones. In case of any unfortunate incident to any of the insured property in your apartment, the insurance company will help repair or even replace the damaged item.

Of course, since it is insurance coverage, you will want to ensure to see what the coverage pays for so that you do not get surprised when an incident does occur. You can talk to independent agents at places like the Thumann Insurance Agency to learn more about the insurance policies tailored to contents insurance, the financial harm that may have come your way due to an incident, and other matters related to contents insurance.

Two Types of Contents Insurance Policies


There are two types of contents insurance policy; replacement coverage and actual value coverage.

  • Replacement coverage offers the replacement of the damaged item by the insurance company

  • Actual value coverage offers the exact amount of money the damaged cost. This means the insurance company pays you the actual amount of money your damaged item costs.

As you can see, you can find similar details in homeowners insurance coverage. These two types will be relevant to you based on your needs and your financial constraints. It is necessary to think about

Difference between an Apartment Building Insurance and Contents Insurance

Choosing between these two insurance plans depends on whether you are an apartment owner (solely or jointly) or a renter.

One of the main differences between apartment building insurance and contents insurance is that apartment building insurance offers more comprehensive protection while contents insurance is targeted.

A basic apartment coverage insurance covers the building and its components like the floors, roofs, windows, doors, and any other parts of the building. A full apartment coverage offers basic coverage and some contents insurance features. This explains why it costs more than the contents insurance.

Another difference is the set of people that take up this plan — landlords and owners are the main purchasers of the apartment building insurance because it protects their investment in several ways. As those who invested in the apartment, they want to ensure that their investment continues to generate the level of income that they expect it to over time.

Conversely, renters and tenants will acquire the contents insurance. This is because the already protected building insurance does not cover their properties, hence the need to ensure their properties with the personal property insurance plan.

Why Do We Need to Have Both Types of Insurance Policies?


There is a need for homeowners to have both insurance policies in their apartments to ensure that during damages no party (homeowner and tenant) should bear the cost. This is why most homeowners ensure that tenants must acquire contents insurance before moving in to avoid the cost of personal property liabilities that may fall on them in case of any disaster. 

What are the benefits of having two types of insurance policies?

For owners who reside in their home alone, having both apartment building insurance and contents insurance is advised as several benefits come along with it. Some of the benefits include:

  • It is cheap: Contents insurance is far more affordable than apartment building insurance because one covers a substantial amount of properties while the other covers a big building. Compared to the amount of repair or replacement that you may need to be done in case of an event of any damages, insurance is far cheaper.

  • Safety: Insurance provides you comfort and assurance that your building is in safe hands. These insurance plans also cover your properties when you are away. Peradventure, a fire happens in your absence and your property gets involved, the insurance company is obliged to fulfill its duties by repairing and replacing any damaged property.

  • It protects others: Unlike car insurance that may protect either you or the injured third party during an accident unless you pay for both parties, these insurance plans cover third parties that might have been injured with your properties or in your apartment.

When Should I Buy These Policies?

Intentional individuals often ask for the best time to get an apartment insurance plan, the best time to get it is before you purchase that apartment. This may be weeks before finalizing the bid, this is because as soon as the bid is settled and payment is made, you are responsible for any damages or actions as the seller's insurance plan over the space is rescinded.

The property manager or owner should ensure to opt for the apartment insurance coverage as quickly as possible. This will allow them to minimize their liabilities, general liability, loss of income, and professional liability or professional negligence issues that relate to the incident. A building owner can deal with insurance companies on property liability or other liability coverage that helps to protect their business income from their residential rental property.

On the tenants' side, an owner would not advise you to get an apartment without a contents insurance plan.

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