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How to File a Homeowners Insurance Claim?

When your home is damaged, you want to make sure it's repaired correctly and quickly.

Understanding the claims process, including deadlines, protests, and payments will help you get the full value from your insurance policy.


What to do First?

  1. Talk to your insurance agent or company right away and get the homeowners insurance claims process started:                                        - to find your insurance companies number, click here                                                                                                     - to use our online claims form, click here
  2. Take note of damaged property. Photograph or video the damage if possible. Do not throw away damaged items until an insurance adjuster has had a chance to see them.
  3. If possible, try to minimize any further damage to your home. Only make repairs needed to shield your home from further damage, such as covering broken windows to keep the rain out and prevent theft. ​​
  4. Do not make permanent repairs until told to do so by your insurance company. Save all receipts.
  5. When the insurance company's adjuster inspects the damage, walk around with them to ensure they don't miss anything. Have your contractor or builder with you to discuss estimates or technical specifications with the adjuster or your insurance company. ​​​​​


TIP Read over your policy or consult with your insurance agent about what your policy covers.  Visit our article on, What's covered in a Standard Homeowners policy.

TIP If possible, avoid the home insurance claim process by paying for repairs under or slightly above your deductible payment. Self-insure on small claims to prevent your home insurance rates from increasing. 

NOTE If you’ve been the victim of theft, notify the police as soon as possible, as well as your bank and credit card company. Be sure to keep copies of any police reports.


What to Expect from your Insurance Company?

  • Your insurance company has 15 days to let you know they received your homeowners insurance claim. After which they may ask you for more information to investigate your claim, and they could also ask you to fill out a proof-of-loss form.
  • The company must either accept or reject your claim within 15 business days of getting all the information it needs. If the company rejects your claim, it must tell you why in writing.
  • If the company agrees to pay your claim, they must send the cheque within five business days.


When do I get my Payment?

  • Most insurance companies will pay homeowners insurance claims with two separate checks. The first is issued after an adjuster looks at your loss and is the estimated cost of repairs, minus depreciation and your deductible
  • The second cheque will be for the remainder of your claim and will be issued after they receive the contractor's bill for the finished job, as long as the repairs are completed within 365 days of the date of loss. ​​


If you have any other questions regarding the homeowners insurance claims process please call the Thumann Agency, at (972) 991.9100

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