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Home Insurance Dallas, Texas

Home Insurance Dallas, Texas


Owning a home means a lot more than just buying four walls, a roof and a patch of grass. It’s a place to make memories and build a firm foundation for your family’s future. But that future can turn into uncertainty in a moment if your home suffers significant damage during a storm.


Fortunately, homeowners insurance will be there to help you rebuild and get back on track, no matter how hard the Texas winds blow.


What Does Texas Homeowners Insurance Cover?


Homeowners insurance can protect you and your home from most of what life throws at you, from storms to fires and burglary. It’ll even cover the costs from the damage that giant branch from your tree caused when it fell on your neighbor’s boat. Yikes!


Most homeowners policies are specifically designed to cover items like:

  • Your home’s structure, should it be partially or completely destroyed by any act of nature except earthquakes and floods. Flood insurance is a separate policy.

  • Outbuildings on your property, such as sheds or detached garages, should they be damaged.

  • Personal belongings like televisions, clothing and other easily replaceable items.

  • Living expenses during your home’s repair, if it’s deemed unlivable after an insured disaster.


You will also be protected against injuries caused by guests’ slips and falls on your property or accidental damage to someone else’s property caused by you or something you own (like that tree). In some cases, a homeowners policy can even cover accidents that happen away from home! It won’t, however, cover intentional damage to people or property.


What If I Need More Coverage?


Your stamp collection is really awesome and deserves to be protected along with the rest of your belongings, but because it’s so valuable and difficult to replace, it can’t be covered by your basic homeowners policy. That’s where specialty coverage comes into play.


There are many different types of supplemental coverages you can pick up to further shield yourself and your family from loss. A few examples are:



You Can Save More with These Discounts!


Homeowners policies can be made even better with discounts for safety devices or multiple policies from the same insurance provider. The insurer figures these types of things reduce your risk of having a big claim, so they’re more than happy to meet you in the middle. These are just a few of the circumstances that may qualify you for a discount:


  • Smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. Smoke alarms and fire extinguishers make it easier to locate and contain small fires that could otherwise turn into raging infernos. Be sure to check your smoke alarms regularly, since they don’t do much good with a dead battery.

  • Home security systems. Security systems with outside monitoring are an easy way to protect your home even when you’re not there. Your monitoring company will call the police if you’re being burgled, or the fire department if your home security system indicates a flame. Preventing a larger loss is your insurance company’s favorite thing.

  • Claims-free status. Have you ever used your insurance? No? You may be eligible for a claims-free discount if you’ve carried coverage for five years or more and didn’t need to use it. Again, the less you cost the insurance company, the more they’ll reward you.

  • Multiple policies. Your home, your car, your boat and your small business all need insurance coverage. If you get these policies from the same place, you may be eligible for a significant multi-policy discount, so make sure to ask your insurance broker.


Protect Your Home and Belongings with Homeowners Insurance


Getting a quote for your next homeowners insurance policy is quick and easy. In fact, you can click here to get started.


When we receive your application, we’ll compare policies from our pool of more than 80 top-rated insurance carriers, choose the ones that are the best fit for you and your family and then give you the results. We may even suggest areas that could use a little more coverage, since our first priority for each and every one of our clients is overall risk management. It’s our job to make sure you have no gaps in coverage that could hurt you later.


Call us at (972) 991-9100 or fill out a quote request form and we’ll find the right homeowners insurance fit for you right away.

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