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Why You Need to Say Yes to Wedding Insurance

All set for the biggest day of your life? As you prepare for your wedding day, there are many reasons why you should also look at saying “ I do” to Wedding Insurance.


It’s summer and the wedding season is in full swing.  On an average, American couples spend $33,391 for their wedding according to “The Knot” study. The focus is now on enhancing the guest experience and on destination weddings. Couples looking to make the event “unforgettable” look at personalization and novel entertainment options that range from sparklers, fireworks, bonfires, photo booths, magic and music performances.


Yet, not every fairy tale goes according to plan. Cancellations and last minute changes have been quite common even in the past as this 2013 study shows. As per the data, at least a quarter-million planned marriages got canceled.


Other than the “change of heart” or cold feet, many other things can go wrong at the last minute:


  • Hired vendors don’t deliver what they promised.
  • property damage to the wedding venue either due to extreme weather or accidental damage.
  • Injury or illness of the groom, bride or any other family member.
  • Unexpected military deployment.
  • The wedding venue can suddenly shut down or go out of business.
  • And not the least of all, problematic bridal attire!    



What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?


Although not all wedding insurance providers cover “change of heart” the following contingencies are typically covered by most insurers:


  • Extreme weather such as hurricane, tornado, blizzard or earthquake, or fire which causes property damage or damage to guests
  • Damage to property or venue due to excess liquor consumption by a guest
  • Unexpected illness or injury of bride, groom or immediate family members. Pre-existing health conditions are usually not covered.
  • Sudden deployment of bride or groom in the military
  • Lost, damaged or stolen wedding attire
  • Vendors closing business or not showing up – vendors include photographer, wedding planner, florist, caterer, and so on.
  • Gift coverage for damaged or stolen gifts
  • Cancellation of the honeymoon if reasons are beyond your control
  • Guests' airfare costs when the wedding is canceled or postponed



How Much Should I Insure My Wedding For?


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