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Choosing the Best Boat Insurance in Dallas

Choosing the Best Boat Insurance in Dallas

Boat accidents are more prevalent than many people realize. On the minimum, the US Coast Guard counts thousands of accidents annually, which result in millions of property damages and hundreds of fatalities. It is difficult to predict when an accident will happen. Nonetheless, you can prepare yourself for any upheaval or calamity by buying the best boat insurance for your necessities and requirements in Dallas, Texas. Thumann Agency, Inc. ensures that should the need arise, you get the best boat insurance not only in the city but the country too.

What is boat insurance?

Boat insurance is a cover that protects and covers you in the event of damage to or loss of your personal boat or watercraft. It also caters to the medical expenses you and your passengers may incur while boating. It majorly covers watercraft with motors comprising pontoon boats, yachts, paddle boats, fishing boats, and leisure crafts. However, it does not often cover personal watercraft, kayaks, or canoes.

As a small watercraft owner, you can get covered by your home insurance. Your homeowner's policy can provide you with limited coverage. Additionally, you can purchase a separate coverage or include a special commendation. To get assistance with all your boat coverage, contact one of our independent agents and get to enjoy your boating experience.

What is covered under boat insurance?

As a boat owner looking for boat insurance coverage for the first time in Dallas, Texas, you may want to know what it incorporates and the benefits that you may get to enjoy. Well, a boat insurance policy incorporates the following:

Collision damage

The collision cover entails the repair or replacement of your boat if you get involved in an accident with

another boat or object. However, it does not include wreckage clean-up unless you buy optional additional coverage.  

Bodily injury liability

If you cause an accident during your boating or fishing experience and inflict a bodily injury

on someone, this policy covers everything such as the medical bills, legal expenses, lost income, pain, and suffering.

Property damage liability

This policy helps pay for the damages exerted on another person’s boat, property, dock, or other structures. It also includes wreckage removal and pollution liability coverage.


The comprehensive policy provides compensation for vandalism, theft, or damage to a boat in incidents such as a fire or a storm.

Supplementary coverage options

A boat insurance policy also provides coverage for medical payments, oil spills, roadside assistance, fishing equipment, personal property, and injuries or damages from accidents caused by underinsured or uninsured boat owners.

The compensation amount you get from this insurance policy is dependent on certain things, including your limits, deductibles, and if your boater’s coverage insures the actual cash value of your boat, the agreed-upon value, and the replacement cost.

Types of boat insurance

There are different types of local boat insurance policies that you can go for in Dallas. However, you need to pick the best coverage which not only meets your contractual and legal duties but also allows you to feel relaxed and calm about your risk exposure. Every person has a different situation. Hence, it is fundamental that you determine the right coverage that is of more significance to you as well as your family. You can research your options or consult with various insurance agencies, insurers, or brokers. Various insurance companies offer an outstanding review of boat insurance agents.

Nonetheless, there are two basic types of boat insurance coverage;

  • Actual cash value policy. While it costs less upfront, this policy pays up the actual cash value of the boat when it is declared a partial or total loss. Ultimately, your insurance agent will insist on this policy as your boat ages.

  • Agreed value policy. Covers the boat or watercraft based on its value when the policy was written. It costs more upfront. However, there is no devaluation for a total loss of the boat. Handling depreciation helps determine the price and distinguish these two marine insurance policies.


Importance of boat insurance

The majority of local boating enthusiasts presume that they do not need any additional protection on the water, more so if they are professionals and have a safe track record. Patently, boat insurance is just as significant as car insurance or auto insurance irrespective of the regular occurrence of auto accidents. Several uninsured boaters can put you at risk. Regardless of your expertise or cautiousness, you cannot protect yourself against inexperienced or careless boaters or natural disasters. Hence, you must secure boat insurance as you are guaranteed to enjoy the benefits of doing so which include the following:

  • Flexibility. With a plethora of deductibles, additional coverages, and liability limits to pick from, boat insurance rates and coverage are flexible.

  • Covers property damage. Property damage to a boat involves a lot of bills and expenses. Luckily enough, boat insurance can provide coverage for such damage.

  • Provides liability coverage. As drivers can strike another auto on the road, boat owners can also strike other boats. Such accidents are quite costly. If you are considered to be at fault for the accident, you will require liability coverage to help insure the damages.

  • Affordability. Similar to other insurance policies, there are a variety of discounts available to boat owners looking to get insurance. These include claims free, radar system, navigation system, and diesel engine credits among others.

  • Protects against injuries to yourself and other boaters. Boat accidents are prevalent irrespective of one’s expertise. Lucky enough, a boat insurance policy offers medical payment coverage to help you pay the costs associated with boat-related injuries.


You must secure boat insurance to enjoy the benefits that come along with it and avoid the issues that may arise from not doing so. While at it you need to ascertain that you get help from a reliable and professional independent insurance agency such as the Dallas Boat and Watercraft Insurance Company.

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