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Make Your Pool a Safe and Happy Place

Fun laps, impromptu matches and some great family time are all part of the swimming pool package! Before you dive right into the deep end of the pool, making the pool a safe place to be in for your guests, your family and yourself is a top priority.

After a spate of unintentional drowning incidents in swimming pools, local laws call for a host of new safety measures. Whether you live in California or in Dallas, these measures can help you protect yourself against liabilities related to your swimming pool.


Safety measures to put in place


Here are the new safety features that your pool should include:


  • An enclosure that separates your pool from your family home
  • Self-closing and latching gate on a removable mesh
  • A safety cover that is approved
  • Exit alarms on doors that lead directly to the swimming pool
  • A self-closing device on the door that leads to the swimming pool that has a release mechanism of 54 inches height.
  • An alarm that is triggered by any unauthorized entry into the pool


The right insurance adds to the safety


While these safety measures can help prevent unfortunate accidents near your pool, getting the right insurance cover for your pool is also of paramount importance.


Many insurance providers require you to comply with local laws with respect to pool safety such as a fence around the pool fencing, signage, pool covers, diving boards, among others.


The insurance coverage for your pool is generally covered under a Homeowners Insurance Policy. 


The type of coverage depends on whether your pool is above the ground or in the ground. The “personal property coverage” is for pools that are above the ground, while “other structures coverage” is for in-ground pools.  Under personal property coverage, your pool as any of the other personal belonging is protected against damage. Other structures coverage as the part homeowners insurance policy helps you pay for replacing or repairing structures apart from your home, including fence or pool damaged falling objects or fire.


As long as you have put in all the security measures in place, you may not be held responsible for any injury a neighborhood kid may sustain while using the pool without your consent.


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