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The Benefits of using a Independent Insurance Agent

Hi everyone, I'm Lauren Thumann and I'm speaking to you today from the Thumann Insurance Agency in Dallas.

And i’m going to take a quick second to tell you about the benefits of using an Independent Insurance Agent verses a Captive Agent. 

I’ll start of by explaining how each one works: An Independent Agent or agency will represent many different insurance companies, where as a Captive agent will only represent one.

So let’s talk about the benefits & we’ll start off with your insurance renewal. Let’s say that you have your insurance through a captive agent because they had a good price. But then when it comes time to renew your policy, the rates have been raised and your price has gone sky high. Now, you can’t ask them shop your rate because their a captive, and they only sell insurance for that one company. So, it would seem your stuck. 

But, if you have insurance through an independent agency, and it come’s time to renew, they will shop your rate for you - just like they do the first time around.

Benefit number two With an independent you’ll have a lot more options. Think 80 vs 1. The odds are obviously a lot more in your favor! And because each insurance company has different rates, liability limits, and in some cases, coverage types, it’s important to look at them all and not just one. 

Benefit number three It is their sole responsibility to act as your advocate & put your interests first, not the big insurance companies. 

So in a nutshell, an independent agency can shop your rates through many different companies, where as captive is only able to provide you with one rate. 

And speaking of captive agents, at the Thumann Agency here in Dallas our agency principle ‘Steve Thumann’ actually started out as a captive agent himself, so he knows first hand the difference between the two, and what it ultimately means to you as the consumer. 

The difference is, when you call the Thumann agency and talk to one of our team, they will not try and fit you into a policy, they will find a policy that best fits you. We work to satisfy your insurance needs and not the needs of the big insurance companies themselves. 

So with that, if you have any questions or would like to speak with one of our Dallas agents - just pick up the phone, where always here and happy to help and in most cases we’ll have your quote ready for you the very same day. 

Thanks for watching!

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